Many families and individuals are living on the streets! DONATE TODAY TO HELP US HELP THOSE IN NEED! Your donation could help provide food for families and gifts for children who would otherwise go without!


Give back to the community!

Mission to 1 Million! 

Sir Paul Napper and the Believe Team have helped over 100,000 families, now Paul Napper wants to provide assistance to 1 MILLION! There is no stopping a man on a mission with a vision!

Fuelled by PASSION & PURPOSE Paul Napper is determined to help 1 Million! 

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each one of us can make a difference collectively

All we need is a contribution to provide comfort and relief for those who need it today!

The charity work we do

Paul Nappers focus is providing daily essentials, such as food, clothing, and sleeping gear for those who require care, warmth, and nourishment. We operate around the Perth, regions and are expanding nationally. We provide assistance to homeless and challenged families to deal with their present circumstance.  By doing so, Help the Homeless Believe is reactive on a day to day basis by seeking out those in hardship and delivering much needed supplies.

Without the intervention of people like Paul Napper many would go cold and experience hunger with CHILDREN being largely affected. With your help we can continue our work and provide relief to those who need it. 


We can do better

While poverty rates vary, 1 in every 8 Australian adults live below the poverty line. What is more concerning is that 1 in every 6 Australian children experience poverty with numbers predicted to increase. The degree of hardship can range from mild to absolute with an over proportionate amount of individuals and families suffering severely.

A common misconception is that the homeless are drug addicts or individuals who do not want to work. This is far from the truth with the majority of those living in poverty spanning the elderly to those who are socially disadvantaged. Disadvantage may be attributed but not limited to generational poverty, redundancy, age and race discrimination when job or home seeking, lack of qualification, emotional or financial turmoil. Many are unsupported with no one to turn to. Without knowing an individual's circumstances making generalisations will not help our community address this growing social issue.

At high risk

Mental illness

Unsupported and unable to receive appropriate care.


No relative or outdated work experience with current job openings.


Low academic achievement that results in a lack of opportunity and an understanding of rights.

Single parents

Limited income earning capacity coupled with the time demands of raising a child or children.


Limited employment prospects and welfare below the poverty line.

Paul "Dapper" Napper and The BELIEVE team have provided assistance to over 100,000 families, children and individuals.


Our chairman and founder, Paul Napper is personally committed to making a change, getting out there himself to ensure every person who contacts us receives the help they need.

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Monthly Subscription

Being one of the only not-for-profit, self funded charities in Queensland & Perth we need assistance to be able to keep this venture and vision alive and provide the essentials for those who need them the most

With the influx of individuals and families needing assistance rapidly increasing we are seeking generous people from the community to subscribe and donate a monthly fee.  The rising cost of living is forcing individuals and families into vulnerable situations, where they can no longer afford food, shelter and warm clothing.

This will help us to provide as much assistance as possible to those who approach us and engage with our services.

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