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Paul Napper and Help the Homeless Believes mission is about helping homeless individuals, families and CHILDREN and provide essential daily living items to those in need.

Queensland & Perth registered not for profit charity

Charity/Registration number is: A1041413H

Charitable collections licence number: CC23124

ACNC Registered

We continue to grow as an organisation with positive energy and embrace an enthusiastic attitude with the philosophy of PAY IT FORWARD!..to help others in the immediate.

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Paul Napper
Chairman & Founder


Our Founder and Chairman, Paul Napper has a long history of charitable activity and continues to work vigorously on helping people and those who are less fortunate, or faced with challenging circumstances that impact on their health and welfare. After many years of being involved with charities that includes Brixton Soup Kitchen, Victory Life Church and Rotary International Paul Napper has established a Queensland & Perth based charity.

Paul 'Dapper' Napper has always had a keen desire to help others whenever possible "I always wanted to set up my own charity with passion and purpose!". What started as a kind gesture to someone who needed warmth for the night has grown tenfold. For the past few winters Sir Paul Napper has made inspirational outings to provide warm bedding, clothes, food to the homeless and families in Perth and surrounding areas. He has always taken the time not only to collect and deliver donations, but to have genuine conversations with the recipients. Paul Nappers commitment and vision has grown into a registered charitable non for-profit organisation.

We look forward to hearing from you in anyway you feel compelled. Stay hopeful and BELIEVE.


Yours faithfully,

Paul Napper


Monthly Subscription

Being one of the only not-for-profit, self funded charities in Queensland & Perth we need assistance to be able to keep this venture and vision alive and provide the essentials for those who need them the most

With the influx of individuals and families needing assistance rapidly increasing we are seeking generous people from the community to subscribe and donate a monthly fee.  The rising cost of living is forcing individuals and families into vulnerable situations, where they can no longer afford food, shelter and warm clothing.

This will help us to provide as much assistance as possible to those who approach us and engage with our services.

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Ready to help? Make a donation today or volunteer.

Your contribution will help those in need!!