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Making a donation amount today with a secure online transaction. We do not ask for sign up payments and are grateful for any amount ($1 minimum) you choose to give.

Donations can also be made by EFT or cheque, please contact us for transaction details.

Charity/Registration number is: A1041413H

Charitable collections licence number: CC23124

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Get in touch and let us know what your capacity is and when you are available. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Paul "Dapper" Napper and The BELIEVE team have provided assistance to over 265,000 families, children and individuals.


Our chairman and founder, Paul Napper is personally committed to making a change, getting out there himself to ensure every person who contacts us receives the help they need.

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Monthly Subscription

Being one of the only not-for-profit, self funded charities in Queensland & Perth we need assistance to be able to keep this venture and vision alive and provide the essentials for those who need them the most

With the influx of individuals and families needing assistance rapidly increasing we are seeking generous people from the community to subscribe and donate a monthly fee.  The rising cost of living is forcing individuals and families into vulnerable situations, where they can no longer afford food, shelter and warm clothing.

This will help us to provide as much assistance as possible to those who approach us and engage with our services.

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